I have now blocked my bro, mother, and sister in law (who is completely innocent except for the fact she’s married to my brother)

But first, I may seemed obsessed with Katie Fucking Gerdts, but that’s a Borderline Personality Disorder thing, Give it a few days chances are I’ll find something else in my life that’s shitty. But to really give you a picture of her dad and her dumbass husband . Think Trump and Ivanka. You know it’s creepy, you know something is not quite right, you’re pretty sure they’ve had consensual sex, but you can’t ever be 100% sure. And her husband is totally a third wheel. And most likely oblivious to it all, or maybe not. Either way if they start having kids I suggest a DNA test.

I worked so hard on this diamond painting for my brother and his wife’s baby shower. I also got some really cute onesies and some books. Especially a children’s edition of “The Wizard Of Oz” which is the book that I used to teach myself how to read when I was like 4. I really put a lot of heart and effort into the package, and now I guess it will just have to be thrown away, or donated.

I really do like my sister-in-law, I don’t feel like the feeling is mutual. Actually, the more I’m thinking about everything I don’t even think my brother likes me. In the entry How I Got A Traumatic Brain Injury That Still Affects Me To This Day I mentioned how I was basically comatose on a liquid diet and he fed me cheese fries, I still believe he was in denial, but everyone laughs like it is so funny, no one ever thinks about what if his denial and cheese fries had made me choke?

He doesn’t care about me, he only stays in my life in case his REAL family needs him to yell at me. And it’s hilarious how they’ll all bring up my limitations and head injury whenever it pisses me off, but when I actually do something head injury related (I also apologized btw), no one cares. Everyone takes his side, he’s the golden boy, I’m the nuisance.

So I’m getting rid of toxic people. My brother’s wife isn’t toxic, in fact she’s the only one of his girlfriend’s I’ve ever liked. But I never got the feeling she likes me at all. She has her own life and she teaches and everything and I’m proud to have a sister-in-law that seems like such a great person. But my brother is. He made his choice, and now he has to live with it. I’m actually pissed because I should have kicked him out of my life in 2005, when I was living with him and we had a falling out and he just kicked me out, he never did apologize for anything he has ever done wrong to me, I’m suppose to apologize but he gets all the free passes ever.

As for my mom, I don’t know, I am majorly torn. On one hand she has always been there for me, but on the other hand she always takes my brother’s side, no matter what. She’s been supportive of me, but she constantly brings up my head injury whenever she decides to piss me off, it’s like she has no consideration for my feelings at all when it comes to that. Until I do something that I normally wouldn’t do, then it’s like I don’t have anything wrong with me at all.

My grandpa and my uncle and my cats, are my world. I don’t know what will happen with my mom and me but I know I’m done with Robbie.

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