My Thoughts

Are absolutely all over the place. Every time I start a blog entry I end up rambling about 50 different things. I can’t even follow it. Hence why I have not written since the entry about my dad.

I got my first Covid vaccine like a week ago, I think. I just know I have to go back in the middle of the month. I had to go all the way to Lynn, Massachusetts. It was a LONG drive. I live in Greenfield which is about 2-3 hours away from Boston. It took us about 3 1/2 to get to Lynn, but we didn’t have to go through Boston, so the drive wasn’t as bad. It just took forever. But there is absolutely no where to get the vaccine. We only have like 7 mass vaccination sites, so of course I signed up for the waiting list. However, since I’m a patient at Mass General in Boston, they had multiple places with multiple openings. I chose Lynn because they had an 8 pm appointment and since my mom had to come up from CT to take me I chose that one so she wouldn’t have to leave work too early.

I do drive, but I don’t like driving on highways unless I absolutely have to. (TBI and Conversion Disorder and stuff). I’ve had long talks with my doctors about driving and how to be careful and stay safe while driving and stuff.

In about an hour I have a zoom meeting with the court appointed psychologist. I’m super nervous. My mom was like “you’ll be fine just answer the questions and don’t say anything else” and I replied “I’m not so good at NOT saying extra stuff.” LOL. So I’m nervous.

I’m glad it’s finally happening though. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this meeting. I can’t go into why or anything right now, maybe someday after it’s all over.

Well that’s all for now. If you enjoy my content don’t forget to like, follow, and comment. 🙂


  1. masterkeats says:

    Glad you got the vaccination. I’m amazed there was no place closer! What a shame. Hope the meeting goes/went well!

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    1. Thanks. And actually I didn’t mind the drive (my mom was driving) and we got to spend time together after a year. So it wasn’t too bad. And there were a few locations closer, but they only had earlier appointments. And I didn’t want to make my mom miss more work


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