Lee/River from “The Circle”

Answered my message on Instagram!!! I haven’t been this excited since Allison followed me back on twitter!!!

I meant to do a series of posts on “The Circle” season 2, but I had a 4 day migraine and then a bunch of other stuff happened and I never got around to it. “The Circle” is a show on Netflix where people enter and form alliances and get to know each other on social media. So people can come in as themselves or they can come in as a catfish.

Season two was played very strategically. And after the first episode I wanted Savannah to win, but Terilisha threw her under a bus and took absolutely no responsibility for her part in blocking Bryant. But I digress. The ones that made it to the end were: Lee, an author posing as a 21 year old name River, Courtney, Chloe, Lisa, and Jack, (but Lisa and Jack played a guy named John. Full-time psychic, part time Santa_ Only Courtney and Chloe played themselves. It was the opposite of last season where all the catfish (except Seaburn) were exposed.

Lee AKA River really impressed me because he’s an older gentleman playing a much younger one and he was able to keep up with the lingo, he’s very social media savvy, and he was able just be a character he made up in his head. Which makes sense. A writer would be a really catfish. My goal is to become a writer, and I’ve had a character in my head for some time now. I know everything about her, from her life at home, to why her stepdad adopted her. If it was just on social media I could totally pull off what Lee managed to pull off. I was really pulling for him. Kind of obvious as to why. He’s a writer, I want to be a writer. And he was just so good!! If I couldn’t see it for myself, I would have believed he was a 21 year old.

Him and Courtney, they were adorable together. The “messy queens” and then with Chloe they were the “Cardashians”. It’s a very entertaining show and any one who hasn’t seen it I suggest that you should watch it. Both seasons because they each turned out very differently.

I can’t believe he answered me back! And not only that but he gave me advice as well! Same advice that Allison gives me. Write, write, and write some more. He also suggested a book by Stephen King that helped him. Stephen King wrote a book on writing, I ordered it earlier.

I’m currently watching the “where are they now” on YouTube. And of course everyone loves Lee. He just seems so nice and cares about others, and I love how he embraced the whole “messy queens” label.

Just like in season 1, it’s good to see that the cast is keeping in touch and seem to genuinely like and respect each other.

The Circle is definitely my Netflix addiction. That and the show “You” based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes.


  1. Allison says:

    Glad to hear you have other people mentoring you. The more the merrier! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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