12 weeks ago (part 1)

Today (Tuesday), I got my botox injections for migraines. 12 weeks ago, I also got botox injections. When I went home 12 weeks ago, my grandpa was in a massive amount of pain, yet he refused to see a doctor. He also swore up and down that there was no way he was going to the hospital.

We had put a baby monitor in his room because he kept falling out of bed (he agreed to it, we didn’t hide it from him). And that night (Tuesday), he kept me awake the entire night moaning and groaning, and I could see on the monitor he could not get into a comfortable position. He was up all night. I was up all night. I had a virtual appointment that I slept through because I crashed.

The rest of the week went exactly like that, but it got progressively worse. It wasn’t until either Saturday or Sunday that he was talking gibberish and not making any sense whatsoever, and we were able to call 911 and get him to the hospital.

The hospital told my uncle and me that Grandpa had low potassium and a UTI. It was a significant relief because the hospital made it seem like it was no big deal.

I went and saw him on the following Monday, and his stomach was swollen to the size of a basketball! I was absolutely speechless! Then the hospital told us that his colon was twisted, and they wanted to do a colonoscopy and possibly surgery. My grandfather was 93 years old, and they were talking about doing exploratory surgery like it was nothing. I’ve had exploratory surgery, it’s not super easy to recover from, and I was only 15!

The doctor did a colonoscopy, and it seemed like he was improving. Until they took him to rehab. Four days of rehab and they sent him back to the hospital. He was so confused, I was in the emergency room with him, and he was just so confused. He couldn’t even tell which was his right hand and which was his left. Meanwhile, the doctor was sitting there talking about how that night they were going to do a colonoscopy, and then the next day they were going to do surgery. So I went home and waited for a call from the doctors. It was at that point I started to suspect that we might lose him, although I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else. I didn’t even want to consider the possibility. So I tried to stay positive and tried to convince myself everything was going to be fine.

Later that night, the hospital called and informed me that they didn’t have a bed available for my grandpa, so they were sending him to another hospital where they would do the surgery that night. Honestly, I wasn’t mad about that. The hospital he was in first is really not that great. They misdiagnosed me at least three times, and they kept writing off my concerns, my mom’s concerns, etc.

This is much harder to write about than I thought it would be. So I’m going to stop here for today, and tomorrow I will do part two. I actually started this entry yesterday after I came home from getting my botox injection. I get them every 12 weeks. On Tuesdays, for my migraines. It really works. Anyway, I’ll do part two next and explain the rest of what happened.

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