Daily Writing Prompt

Daily writing prompt
How do you feel about cold weather?

I absolutely LOVE cold weather. My bedroom is in the basement (it’s finished with carpet and heat), but it still gets really cold in my room. I love when the weather is cold because I can just curl up under my down comforter (it’s got a rainbow design on it and it’s overstuffed), and watch tv, read, watch movies, et cetera. Also, my cats don’t like fans so in warmer weather if I have a fan on they won’t sleep with me on my bed. 😦 So basically I prefer cold weather to warm weather. Also, when my grandpa passed last year, I was the one tasked with cleaning his room and donating his clothes and stuff. While I was doing that I found his winter Nascar Viagara jacket and I kept it. It kept me warm all winter and made me feel close to him. Although I could do without men who are NASCAR fans stopping me everywhere I go to talk about Mark Martin. I don’t watch racing, never have, but the jacket is really warm and reminds me of my grandpa whom I still miss every single day.


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